Qintessa is the story of a young girl raised as an assassin in a world struggling to heal from the devastating effects of World War III.

With America having lost the war, the five most powerful remaining nations forge the first world government. Known as The Peacekeepers, the leaders of the five nations are empowered by humanity to save Earth from future conflict.

The Peacekeepers blame Earth’s woes on two primary factors: overpopulation and the advancement of technology. The new world order concludes the human being has grown obsolete, and drastic measures are necessary to stem the decline. The new world government assumes control of human reproduction, technological advancement, all forms of firearms and most forms of weaponry. As a result, the government operates thirty years into the future, while society is forced to operate thirty years in the past.

Big Brother was officially in charge, and most members of a struggling, war-weary humanity were willing to adhere—but not all.


Rebellion strikes the Peacekeepers in the form of black market trading, underground technology laboratories, illegal weapons manufacture and gun running. In an effort to stop this rising and deadly revolution, the government had secretly trained assassins that killed without use of modern weaponry. They were known as the Hangmen, the most lethal men on the planet.



Qintessa is trained as one of these assassins. 


In the year 2055 the first of the Peacekeepers is murdered at the hand of a rogue warrior’s mysterious faction of renegades. Qintessa, the novel, not only follows the child’s growth to become the first known female assassin in the post-war world, it also explores the mystery of who is attempting to kill Peacekeepers. Who is The Pearl?